Street Voices App

Is a platform that brings street artists and fans together from around the world

Street performance community on your phone

With Street Voices App artists can promote their performances, attract new fans and receive non-cash donations.


Street Voices App

Created for people who love street music

For artists

Gain more exposure for your talent

Main channel to attract new fans

The only platform where street performances fans come together

In App Non-cash donations

Cash is dying. Make it easier for your fans to support you

Music Industry network

Be seen.

For fans

Unique chance to catch new stars

Unique guide & live radar

To help you navigate the street performances scene in any city

Fully emerge in music atmosphere

Experience the true soul of any city with local talent

Support you favorite artists

Donate in just one clique.

Let's join live steet performances together!

Do you have any questions?

We are always ready to answer them